Indifference is Bliss


Wake up, step outside.
Your daily routine
Just might make you die…
Ignorance pervades
Your Upper East Side.

“Can’t I get some peace?”

In periphery,
A lit cigarette
Sparks your tendency
To tear down habits
You know are unhealthy.

“You lookin’ for death?”

Walking down the street,
You pass a breaking worker,
Whom you can’t believe
Chows down on a Big
Mac with extra cheese.

“Ain’t worth the calories.”

You take the metro —
But to your horror,
A kid in your row
Blasts their head with music
From some Beats Headphones.

“Go deaf, why don’t you!”

You, trembling with rage,
Purple in the face,
Wonder how your sage
Advice goes ignored
By fools of every age.

“We’ve heard it all before.”

Finally he cracked
From his constant stress;
An artery just snapped.
Ironically, his habit
Caused his heart attack.

“He never saw it coming.”

Our advice to you?
Accept that our air is
Interlaced with fumes.
Each breath brings some death,
But what’s life if you refuse?

“It’s better with cheese.”

Wake up, step outside;
The birds are chirping,
And you are alive,
So take a deep breath —
Inhale the cyanide.

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  1. potatochipeverylick1000 says:

    This poem connected with me on another level. I’m going to keep checking out your work!

    1. GracieLo says:

      I’m glad my poem pleases you potato chip licker

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