The Only Cloud in LA

I woke up yesterday,
and the sun shined, and it shined,
and I don’t remember what
it did next, but that’s because
it shined.

And the sun is shining,
and the ground is flat, and
I am floating because
if I’m not tripping, surely
I glide.

Back in the days of scraped knees
and unstable toes always
stumbling over asphalt, I’d
jump for joy at the sight of
unhappy skies.

A night could go by, and
I wouldn’t go to bed but
watch the forecast — listen
to rain trip and fall on
my tin roof.

I always landed back on
the ground again, but the jump
was worth the occasional fall
and the calluses on my
bare feet.

Lightning struck, and the sun
melted ice off of trees, and
I jumped and fell with the
seasons and the clouds and
the sun.

Recently, I haven’t jumped,
and maybe that’s because
my feet are not planted on
the ground, but maybe it’s
the sun.

I woke up today,
and maybe I should jump,
but the sky is blue, and
this morning, I felt a

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  1. Valeria Lopez says:

    The interpretations of the sun and the rain vary from person to person but this poem is enlightening regardless. Stay motivated and keep posting!

    1. abrokeblogger says:

      rain, sun, same thing amiright

  2. Museumgoer22 says:

    Fell in love with the artstyle as soon as I saw it in the childerens workstation. Reminds me of saturday morning cartoons with favorites such as Popeye and Mickey mouse when he didn’t have gloves. Keep up the good work!

    1. abrokeblogger says:

      Hi, thanks so much! I really appreciate your taking the time to check out my site and leave a comment…and I especially enjoy the comparison to classic cartoons 🙂 Keep rocking

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