Warning: Product Not as Pictured


A person
placed precariously
near to perfection
is in peril of
being plopped
upon a pedestal
of perception.

Any person
upon a pedestal
risks the temptation
to plunder
by those whom it pleases
to perceive
pleasurable things.

And that person
perched up on
a pedestal must be wary
of posture, for any petty problem
may cause him
to plummet,
and perish.

A person
I am,
and I am pained
to apprehend
that the person I placed
picture perfect in space
did plummet and break.

Peculiar —
although that person was
parted in pieces
as predicted,
the imperfectly split splinters,
sprinkled ’round from the plunge,
primarily were me.

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  1. Dana says:

    Wow this touched me on a whole other level. Many times I have expected so much from others and put others higher than they actually were, but they were simply human. This, also, describes perfectly what happens with celebrities or other influential people in the media. But at the end of the day the person who is more affected isn’t the person who failed but the other who thought that person would always be perfect. Lovely. I love it.

    1. abrokeblogger says:

      Thanks for this comment Dana. My thoughts exactly. You’re lovely! 🙂

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